This is the current format of our weekly fashion experience summer and fall 2018, each week can vary but each one of the locations fashion experience you will get a full break down which is downloadable on the choose your city gallery.


Design/fabric selection and garment making day with our founder Debbie Wingham, all fabrics will be provided for you, trims and embellishments and all sewing equipment! Please note our team will see to pattern cutting to ensure your time is strictly spent on creating and to ensure your pieces are completed


Vintage revamp day with our founder Debbie Wingham, this will include up cycling and breathing new life into a previously owned garment/accessory that best represents your style.


morning- Super model and top runway coach Jo will do and runway master class which will build confidence and teach you about art direction whether your an aspiring model or not!

 Afternoon will be in two segments:

1st-Top celebrity Disney stylist Electra Farmosa will be coming in to advise on top stylist tips advise on leading trends of this and next season and give you some tips for the shoot at the end of the week

2nd- Social media expert Katerina Cozias will be coming in to do a fun interactive talk on how to increase your followers get your engagement up and how to strategically grow your social media on both you tube and Instagram


A day of makeup training with Julie Schiffer from JLS

Morning: this will include how to maximise your own features when applying makeup and advice on colour palette and new application methods

Afternoon: shoot makeup, this includes looking at how to create makeup looks that suit a theme, set or location in preparation for your shoot. You will then be able to apply that knowledge to your own outfits and create your makeup look.


A day with top fashion Photographer Marta Elena Vassilakis

Morning: You will get an over view in photography which will include how to capture best angles and set up the perfect shot using a smart phone and professional camera kit.

Afternoon: you will put into practice everything you have learned this week, you will do the models makeup or put on your own makeup if you want to be your own model. 

You will style your look and then shoot your capsule collection.

The images from this shoot will be supplied in a digital file once they are edited and are guaranteed to be published in print and online utilising Debbie Wingham’s data base of fashionistas.

After I complete my weeks fashion experience, What events and opportunities will I be able to take part in?

All our pupils are included in an incentive called make me commercial, in a nut shell 1 in every 25 students is chosen and one outfit or one design they create is made commercial, what we mean by that is its re-mastered and put to the commercial market under the designers name for Future of Fashion label. The student is part of the marketing process and gain ALOT of exposure,  All profits from these designs goes directly to the student!

 you will be invited back to participate in a runway show which you will style and walk in the show yourself or Should you wish to use professional models instead a number of models from A leading agency will be available for you.

In terms of events you are invited to participate at:

LOS ANGELES-This event will be held at the prestigious Shangri La hotel in Santa Monica and will be attended by fashion industry stylists, editors and bloggers!

It will be during Los Angeles fashion week in October 2018, if you live outside the USA and are unable to come back for that your collection can still be shown. You can cast a model remotely and Debbie’s team will ensure you still get full benefit from this opportunity.

NEW YORK-We will also be doing a New York pop up store where each pupil can showcase their designs in spring 2019, no extra fees attached. Again you can fly in for this or send the items to be showcased, this will be a future of fashion pop up store event and will include celebrity guests, celebrity stylist and fashion journalists and bloggers.  This will include an art gallery feel and images of our aspiring models, looks styled by our pupils, makeup looks will also be showcased, offering support to not only our designers but all the creative fields we teach.

LONDON-We will be taking over a top art gallery in London and doing a style showcase on Fashion meets Food, around London Fashion Week

These additional opportunities will mean you can add on things like my work/I was showcased in LA/London fashion week and in New York, with imagery to substantiate.

These opportunities would cost tens of thousands if you were trying to do them yourself.  This industry is made up of biography and you will go further with impressive things such as these on your bio.


The schedule